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If you want to query your Credit bureau data, you will quickly find the right applications on the Internet. Then simply visit our homepage, where you can fill out the online application form quickly and easily. The Credit bureau information is in most cases not as difficult as most people imagine. The whole thing is available online, if you complete a “subscription” with the Credit bureau. You can then view your Credit bureau online for a few USD a month.

Credit bureau is an information service of the credit institutes

Credit bureau is an information service of the credit institutes

For a request to the Credit bureau there are many occasions. You may want to move out and the landlord asks for the information, or you are just looking forward to the entries in the Credit bureau. As an Internet portal, we have focused on the self-reporting of persons in large credit reporting agencies such as Credit bureau.

In addition, our weblog offers a wealth of practical and useful information and tips on the subject of data protection and data protection, as well as 34 of the Federal Data Protection Act, which is responsible for the information and storage of the data. What does a Credit bureau information stand for? The Credit bureau is an information service of the credit institutes.

Many companies cooperate today with the Credit bureau. The stored information can be queried online and quickly in a Credit bureau information. The Credit bureau contains both neutral bookings, eg for a credit report or a closed cell phone contract, as well as negative bookings, eg for non-payment. From the entries in the Credit bureau a result is calculated.

Count on Credit bureau information before their rental

Count on Credit bureau information before their rental

Credit bureau information is needed today by many companies and service companies. Most landlords, for example, count on Credit bureau information before their rental. Usually, however, credit institutions and service providers will also automatically retrieve Credit bureau information prior to contract approval. Functioning of the Credit bureau Information Online We will then forward this on your behalf to the Credit bureau, where your request will be processed.

Within a few days you will receive your desired Credit bureau information by post. After the online application, you do not have to worry about anything else – we’ll do it for you. You can request Credit bureau information online – the Credit bureau does not charge for printing and delivery. In addition to the Credit bureau, the largest German credit reference agency, we cooperate with the company Créditreform and the credit bureau Crimpe.

You can also get the information you need online and quickly from these agencies. This will save you tedious correspondence or going to one of the branches of credit bureaus. It is sufficient if you request the self-disclosure of the data and have agreed to our terms and conditions.


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